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What some of us considers to be our basic human rights, others see as luck or a stroke of fortune. Factually, at some point in life, we've all struggled to achieve our dreams, hence we ought to know how hard it is to fight for survival. However, some people don't have the privilege to go after what they want. They are stuck in a situation where they neither have the means to survive, nor a shoulder to rely on. Blue Dragon Children's Foundation has saved a lot of family from poverty and human trafficking and with our help, hundreds of people could look forward to a better future. Life is a long story and we all deserve to live it. Be the reason why someone smiles. Donate to help a life. Every dollar matters.

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Jul 17, 2022
North Carolina, US


Feb 1, 2022
Lagos, NG


Deborah Usman
Sep 24, 2021
Abuja Capital Territory, NG

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Make A Difference

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